Summer’s still here

With summer still on our side and the sun embracing every atom of my skin I’ve set up a goal of looking as hot as I can, to be on the same page with this beautiful month of August. The measures I am considering for this are buying some colorful flowing dresses, a pair of Mexican style pair of sandals that are high on trend this summer and not to forget, every girl’s daily accessory – her skin. read more

A day at the spa for my birthday

Is it original? Is it worth it? Well, it depends on the spa you are going but let me break it down for you how my experience was, as my birthday was two weeks ago.

So it was my birthday two weeks ago and my fiancée proposed we both take the day off from work because he had a birthday present for me. I already knew that something was cooking up but I didn’t want to ask to many questions and ruin the surprise. read more