Winter care tips for hair and skin


Winter is beautiful but it is also harsh to our skin and hair and while some of us are more sensitive than others, we should all make sure we take very good care of our dermis and hair.

Below are a few tricks on how to better protect from the wind, rain and snow.


For hair:

  • Use conditioner, this will help moisturize your hair. Schwarzkopf professionals recommend using hair care oils. Adding a few drops in shampoo to keep your hair healthy and shinny
  • Use the blow dryer, curling iron and flat iron less. The heat damages your hair making it dry out even more during winter
  • Wash your hare fewer times, two or three times a week,  and dry it before you go out as the moisture in the air combined with cold wind will damage your hair even more
  • Wear a hat. It will keep you hair safe from the cold whiff
  • Trim it more often, to minimize the chance of dry splitting ends
  • Avoid washing your hair with hot water, rinse in warm or even colder water for a healthy and shiny aspect, this works all year long, not only during winter


For skin:

  • As with the hair, avoid taking showers in hot water. Keeping it cool will aid your skin keep moisture and with a better aspect
  • Put on some extra clothes, these will offer both warmth and protection to your skin and it will keep it from drying out too hard in extreme temperatures and harsh wind
  • Don’t forget about your lips, they need to stay soft and natural during winter too, use hydrating balms that will improve their aspect and protect them
  • Moisturize your skin. Take care of your face, hands and body with creams that keep every inch of your skin hydrated.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C. This can help boost the body’s production of collagen, a protein that helps maintain the natural beauty of your skin
  • Last but not least, go see a specialist. An esthetician or dermatologist can analyze your skin, identify the skin’s type and recommend the best care products for you to have the best natural look and a healthy dermis


A great place to get a skin treatment specialist’s advice in London is Medspa. They have professional beauty advisers and medical staff who can offer amazing solutions for maintaining your natural beauty. They will help you better take care of your skin so that you love it all year long.


Your hair and skin are pretty much exposed during winter and they need special attention and special care. The above tips can come in very useful for a natural look and moisturized locks and dermis.


In addition an esthetician will provide you with customized solutions for a better nurture and improved aspect and health of your hair and skin.

Love yourself, love winter and take good care of yourself during winter as beauty and health always come hand in hand.


Skin rejuvenation, autumn preparation


Now that we can say summer is over… for good this year, it comes down to taking care of our skin post sunny days, warm water and gold beaches. The time has come for a skin rejuvenation treatment that can deal with the sun damaged skin, wrinkles and freckles.


After enjoying the sun for a while, all skin types need to be prepared for the cold season which means pampering yourself with some specialized treatments that refresh your skin and make it resilient to the wind, rain and snow that are to come or have already made their appearance. As I love how my natural look is boosted after a visit to a beauty clinic I feel like I owe it to share this feeling with all who care to read about it. As summer left some marks on my face I am on my way to a skin rejuvenation session which will increase my cell energy, activate the collagen and improve the discharge of CO2.



So … here I am on my way to a facial treatment that will transform my face skin and revive its natural beauty while I will be enjoying being taken care.  As it’s an accessible go to place and the specialists there are always willing to provide me with the optimum solutions for my skin problems, once the laptop is off I will be at Medspa Beauty Clinic getting ready for the cold season. This treatment is not just for us ladies, our boyfriends or husbands can benefit from it too.



Oh, and one more thing before I go… letting go of the high coffee level and choosing to drink more green tea is also a good thing for that beautiful face of yours.


Cin-cin! Let autumn begin.

Summer’s still here

With summer still on our side and the sun embracing every atom of my skin I’ve set up a goal of looking as hot as I can, to be on the same page with this beautiful month of August. The measures I am considering for this are buying some colorful flowing dresses, a pair of Mexican style pair of sandals that are high on trend this summer and not to forget, every girl’s daily accessory – her skin.




In order to mix and match my future outfits I am definitely considering Laser Hair Removal that will make my skin soft and easy to combine with every dress, skirt or shorts that I am planning to wear on the warm sunny days remaining. So, I started digging for information and I found just the place to perfect my plan, Medspa Beauty Clinic in London. Among the many services they provide, Laser Hair Removal caught my eye and I am totally making an appointment with them. And guess what? They also have discounts this time of the year for Face and Neck Laser Hair Removal, Upper and Lower Body Laser Hair Removal and 50% off for treatments of 6 or 8 weeks for Laser Hair Removal, so I feel like the stars have aligned and I am ready to be preppy and look good.



Just thinking, while I will be at Medspa Clinic I might as well indulge myself with an aromatherapy massage, we all deserve that, don’t we ladies? A moment of relaxation just for ourselves to make us shine both on the outside and on the inside is what we all need.


Well, that would be me, how are you thinking of taking advantage of the remaining summer days? Hope you are taking the time and be your center of attention for at least one day.

Beautiful beach and waves of Caribbean Sea

A day at the spa for my birthday

Is it original? Is it worth it? Well, it depends on the spa you are going but let me break it down for you how my experience was, as my birthday was two weeks ago.

So it was my birthday two weeks ago and my fiancée proposed we both take the day off from work because he had a birthday present for me. I already knew that something was cooking up but I didn’t want to ask to many questions and ruin the surprise.

I suspected that we would be going for a trip, but not for a long trip because the next day we both needed to be back at work. So in the morning the of my  birthday we both woke up pretty excited, but to be honest I think the good feeling came from the fact that this was a work day and we were both still in bed at an hour when we are usually already buried up in paperwork at the office.

We dressed up and prepared only one schoolbag for both of us; it was sunny outside and the weather was pretty good so we tried to keep it simple. Then something happened that gave me a pretty obvious hint at where we are going – my fiancée packed up our swimming suits.

We were both smiling in the corners of our lips but we didn’t say anything to ruing the surprise haha. Of course we were going to a pool right? That’s what I thought too but you can hardly call just “a pool” the location where we were heading, but I’ll get back to that in one bit.

So we packed without having breakfast and we stopped at a local restaurant and bought ourselves some much needed food that will later be our energy, right? It was kind of funny because it was a work day and still pretty early in the morning and the restaurant was almost empty…almost because we were there so it wasn’t empty anymore haha.

Still it was a good breakfast and a very quiet one, something that we both appreciate in the mornings.

So we hit the road once again now knowing for sure that we were heading for our main destination for the day. We drove out of town for about thirty or forty minutes and we arrived on a private road going through a forest. It all looked very classy and beautiful, and after five more minutes of driving on that road we reached our destination – a huge golf and spa resort with the parking lot full of expensive cars.

As we were only there for a day at their spa I was actually relieved because the prices there are way out of our league haha.

So we headed to the reception were we paid for our entrance, we both took a short trip to the locker rooms to get ready for a bath and then entered the spa. I was already thinking what a nice birthday present this is.

The moment we entered the spa it was like entering another world, there was a huge blue swimming pool in the first room with a view of the ski and again, as it was a Tuesday morning we were a total of four people in the whole pool, great huh? That’s what was I thinking too.

Inside shot of the first pool.
Inside shot of the first pool.

Alongside the pool there were two Turkish baths, two showers and a recreation room with ambient music and five heather sunbeds. It was actually pretty cool.

Then we decided to explore the rest of the complex and we entered a separate room where you could only get in to if you paid extra money, which we did because my fiancée paid for a full access for the both of us.

When we entered the second room it was like entering another world. The light was very dim, there was a soft background music, a somewhat herbal smell and only the two of us. There were even stars on the ceiling.

There was a room with suspended beds, a play room where you could play chess, backgammon and other similar types of card games and around seven saunas each with its own specific.

The cave-like spa main room.
The cave-like spa main room. 

After taking the tour of all the saunas inside we rested a little bit in the beds room and then played some games in the play room. I was already thinking to myself, this is a great spa to be at and it’s an even better birthday present!

Did I mention that we were the only people there? What a treat!

Four hours later we went back to our locker rooms, changed into our street clothes and took a small tour of the whole spa resort. Below is what you could find on the outside and it’s just a small part of it.

Outside the main building there was a small church.
Outside the main building there was a small church, and this was a spa resort!

At the end of the day we left the spa resort completely relaxed and somewhat exhausted because of all the swimming and we ended the day with a movie night out.

What can I say, I have a great fiancée with very creative ideas. I mean, who would’ve thought that a day at the spa can be such a great birthday present? Of course it depends on each person what it is they are attracted to, but for me a day filled with saunas, spa’s and relaxation is a perfect day.

So the next time you want to make a birthday present to someone close or you just feel the need to relax, head out not necessarily to the nearest spa, but to the spa that you know will make you feel like on a tropical holiday even if it’s only for a short time, because that’s how I felt and it’s what made me write all of the above.

A day at the spa as a birthday present? You bet!


Improve your life (and skin problems) with a simple search method

Summer is here and there’s nothing better than spending a sunny day on a sunbed with a lemonade by your side. Of course that a pool is always welcomed but not many people can afford to have a pool at their home so we are going to focus on the sunbed and lemonade for now.

The sun decided to hide from me for exactly five minutes.

This is actually something that happened to me while I was enjoying my lemonade on a sunny Saturday last summer. The sun was really warm and I could really feel it burning my skin but then looking closer at my body I realized that I wasn’t actually happy with the way I looked. Of course that ninety-nine percent of the people aren’t happy with the way they are looking but I am not referring to weight problems.

Never give up, a good advice the migthy Spartans passed on.

So I decided that something must change and that I must start doing something about it! The next day, (yes on a Sunday!) I started searching the web for some simple but effective exercises that you can do at home for strengthening you muscles and for loosing that extra fat that makes your skin look like it is always ready to go to sleep. I started doing bubble but exercises, stretches, rope jumping and even running for a while but that didn’t work out so well for me, big surprise huh?! I kept going with this for about three months on a two times a week basis. Overall I must confess that I was feeling in shape, always ready to do stuff and much more energetic. So a big improvement on this side and it is something that I definitely recommend to anyone feeling sleepy all the time and with a downsized morale.

But one day I looked at myself in the mirror again and even though I was feeling a lot better than three months earlier I still wasn’t happy with how my skin was looking and I started paying more attention to my face as it was full of small signs with a stretchy feeling of the skin. So I decided that it’s time for a change again and went back to searching the web for anything that could help me overcome my skin problems.

Creams, creams, creams.

I ended up browsing through countless website each with a bigger promise than the other and with all sorts of “guarantees”. My advice is this, don’t take any guarantee for word and avoid over advertising because if a business needs that much convincing you of their capabilities than it means that they don’t really have a big success with their services. Of course they can be a very talented team but and are only getting their business standard but are you ready to bet the skin on your face that they will deliver? Me neither.

So after searching for the best beauty treatment clinics around London I was still missing the confidence need to schedule an appointment with one particular clinic. What I did was I started asking around anyone I knew could help me – friend, cousins, aunts, etc. if they had an experience with a beauty clinic from London and if they did, which one would they recommend? After a week or so I already had three beauty clinics of which I only found out through word-of-mouth. Then I took another three beauty treatment clinics which had the best reviews on the web and crossed the lists. The result was and maybe I was lucky that by using this method I actually found a gem, a clinic that not only delivered effective and safe beauty treatments but that also had a spa! One particular part about their philosophy stuck on me since my first visit as they said their aim was to enhance the natural me, not cover me with all sorts of never-heard before magic treatments and after six sessions I can say that I am now happy with how my skin looks like.

Shot of a room inside Medspa Beauty Clinic. Very cosy.

My method was aimed to help me find the best location in London for a laser hair removal and an effective but safe beauty skin treatment and even if it sounds a bit crazy it helped me find a place where I could get a deep skin treatment, spa and if I was there already why not a Soprano ice painless laser hair removal? So exactly what I was looking for. I you think that this method can help you why not try it? Can it hurt? And think beyond beauty treatments and spa’s, think of anything that you might need and apply the method and I can assure you that you will have better chances of finding quality services.