Three social games that will light up the party

  1. Ever head of “Bend A Friend”? This is one of the funniest party games to be invented! How it’s played? Simply place an empty cereal bows with the flaps removed in the center of a room and remove anything that could be breakable to avoid seven years of bad luck or an injury if someone topples over. Now, each party guest needs to come over to the box in order, bend over and pick the cereal box up only using his or her teeth. Yes you read that right. It is permitted for one feet to touch the floor and only teeth are allowed to touch the box with no other body part being used as support. You can bend over in any you want. Next round cut a small part off the top of the cereal box and begin again! With every round cut some more of the cereal box. A player is out when he falls over or cannot reach the cereal box. Last player standing gets the standing ovation!

2. “I Like Cherries” is a funny game where you get to ask your guests if they like cherries. Once you get enough people gathered around place a fresh cherry in a bowl on the stem right in front of them. Then you start explaining them that this will be a race to eating the cherry, the one who eats it first wins! There is only one small rule, they are not allowed to use their hands. Everyone will say this is the easiest game around, right? Then you start filling each bowl with whipped cream. Who’s laughing now? Well, everybody because the fun just started. The first person to find and eat the cherry in their respective bowl wins. So, ladies and gentleman, prepare your smartphone cameras and begin! You can use any other small fruit such as a strawberry instead of the cherry if you don’t have any around. read more

Are you bored? So was I but then Spider Solitaire online happened

Ever had one of those days when it’s raining outside and you have nothing to do? You know when everything seems boring, time passes like it’s inches away from a black hole from a faraway galaxy (very, very, very slow!) and you desperately need something to pass you time. When not even scrolling through Facebook or watching kitties riding skateboards works anymore and there’s nothing on TV (does anybody watch TV anymore?). read more