Fun places to go to with your children

Have you ever considered that your children have the most of fun when they spend time with you as a family? This is how you create magical and beautiful memories for them and for you. And sometimes, having fun with your kids is a medicine for your heart and for theirs. Of course, you might not enjoy the same type of activities but you can be surprised of how much fun you can have if you stay open minded.

Family Fun

Like going to a theme park, who said it was only your children that can enjoy the rides and the sweets there? Go on, hop on that roller coaster side by side with the young ones and enjoy the experience. It will be fun for you and you kid will see you with different eyes. Or how about having a contest on who will finish the ice cream first? Or go on a cart ride. Show your children who’s the better driver.

Many kids love going to theme parks, they are colourful, cheerful, there are plenty of activities for them to do so deciding to go to one as a family will be fun. Relive the joy of being young again and join your kids in all those crazy rides. Cut loose on the strict meals and enjoy a cotton candy. Laugh with your children, run with them and let them help you feel like a child again.

Mom and Child enjoy a theme park time

The places your kids consider fun can also be fun for you. Don’t be reticent, give it a try and you might be amazed by the fun times you can have. So if you are looking for fun places to go with your children, be it a theme park or not, visit Family Days Out, the online resource for great activities to do with kids in each state of the USA.

Having fun is something you have as a group

No matter what you have in mind, from fun parks to planetariums, from science centres to horse riding you can find it all at Family Days Out. Whether your child is small or becoming a teenager there are always things to do that will help them interact with other kids their age, find activities that will keep them engaged and eager to learn more.

Don’t let yourself tricked with the idea that this is their generation, everyone needs to go out every once in the while and nature is one of the best teachers there is. Your young ones can find out about plants and animals, enjoy the fresh air and rejoice in interacting with other children their age. Having fun is something you have as a group, not by staying in front of the computer all day.

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Holiday in Mallorca, renting a Villa and more

Hi, my name is Kate and I am a 25 year old girl. I like to travel and do fun stuff. But I also work nine to five, five days a week. This is my first post and I am trying to write about my recent travels but there’s a kid crying right outside my window. OK, the kid left so now I can focus on recalling all the great things I saw in my holidays.

Holiday in Mallorca

Ever had Mallorca on your wish list? As one of Spain’s most famous islands, if not the most famous of all, but also one of the most underrated at the same time which is a bit ironic if you ask me, Mallorca is home to many expats from all across Europe. The beauty of the island and the historic city of Palma, the island’s Capital, charmed many people into moving in.

Don’t miss out on the old city of Palma

Looks like taken straight out of a magazine.

Walking down the streets of Palma de Mallorca can really make you feel the history under your feet and you can easily let the atmosphere take over your spirit. The city hides boutiques, museums and centuries-old courtyards around every corner so take your time when deciding to take a walk in the city and explore every inch as there is a story and a charming feeling for every street and building.

Not many tourists are actually visiting the old town so don’t be surprised if you’ll find yourself wandering somewhat alone through the streets even if its day outside. Don’t worry through because that is actually a good thing, more opportunities for great pictures right?

Sobrassada must not be missed

Maybe not so appealing but the taste is worth it!

Every time you go to a new place or visit different cultures never forget to try the local taste. For the Island of Mallorca it means that you must not miss the Sobrassada.

Sobrassada is the traditional Mallorcan sausage that is prepared with ground pork and smoky Spanish pimentón de la vera, also known as paprika. Ever tried out chorizo? If you did then Sobrassada tastes very similar however the texture is different as it is smooth and spreadable, somewhat very similar to the pâté. Regardless, local cuisine is always a good way to find out more about a different culture and can help you remember a particular holiday if a more special way. At least that’s what happens for me each time I travel to a new place and I highly recommend anyone with stronger stomach to do the same no matter how weird the food may be.

Where to stay

Holliday private villas in mallorca for rent
I am going to miss this pool.

There are plenty of places to choose from when searching for an accommodation on the Island of Mallorca and that can be a pretty difficult choice to make when having so many options.

About Mallorca’s accommodation options, there are so many choices that you don’t even know where to go. I managed to make up my mind after searching through a selection of exclusive Mallorca Villas from a website a friend recently recommended to me and I can honestly say that I couldn’t have made a better choice. I ended up renting a small Villa in Pollensa from a company called Vida Villas that suited my exact needs. It was small, so very Spanish and I even had my own pool so in the evenings I could relax and refresh with a casual swim. They can even provide you with a lift from the airport, which is something that I chose and it really felt like a holiday this way without having to search for bus numbers or rent a car when you don’t really need to.

Needless to say that I would return to the beautiful Island of Mallorca and to Pollensa specifically in a heartbeat, but that it’ll have to wait until my next days off, that is if I don’t get ideas to try something new of course.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma

The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma
Why does nobody design buildings like this anymore?

Ever head of La Seu? Me neither until I started looking a bit closer into what I can visit when in Mallorca apart from the dreamy landscape. La Seu is the short name for The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma and please hear me out on this, do NOT miss out on La Seu. This is Palma de Mallorca’s gigantic cathedral that looms over the city ski line. This is a massive building built in the Catalan Gothic style with some contemporary changes. Much of the interior was commissioned to Gaudí and his works, even if half finished, are not to be missed in the interior of the cathedral.

Visit Sóller

Soller Mallorca
One day I will be back, I promise!

Port de Sóller is a town and municipality near the north west coast of Mallorca that deservers to get your attention. Its location is somehow remote from the big towns and popular beaches on the island but its small Spanish town charm makes it a location worth visiting. Wondering how to get there? My option was to ride the antique wooden train which takes you right through Mallorca’s wild and mountainous scenery. I found that the trip itself worth my time even if there wasn’t a beautiful port city at the end of the journey. Search for details regarding Tren de Sóller, the way it is called locally.