One item can transform your living room – The Antique Fireplace

This idea came to me after a day at work that wasn’t great because my boss decided it’s time to re-do the reports (again!) so I was really looking forward to arrive home and crash on the couch and forget about all my responsibilities. You know, it was one of those days where you just wanted to lay down and think about absolutely nothing. Just pause and allow your spirit and body to recharge with energy.

This is how I feel like sometimes.

So the work day ended and after am equally stressful trip back home, I opened the door to my house, enter the living room and there it was. My sweet escape, my oasis of happiness, my everything, my couch. Hint: I will be writing about marble and stone antique fireplaces. I dropped my working clothes, changed into the most comfortable piece of clothing I own (that would be my pajamas)  and was ready to enjoy the hours that were left in the day in the simplest way possible – doing nothing.

Sounds good to me.
Sounds good to me.

After about half an hour of doing nothing, mainly scrolling through my Facebook feed I suddenly looked at one of my living room walls, the one that was particularly empty and looked kind of depressing and an idea just struck my mind. I needed to add something – maybe an antique fireplace? to that wall so it will stop looking so empty and why not, inspire me. So I quickly searched the web for paintings because why not, painting are the most accessible wall fillers, right? But after looking through hundreds of painting over the internet I realised that I didn’t actually liked any of them so I started questing the fact that a painting is what my wall needs to inspire me and change the feeling in the room.

I don't think I could stand looking at this every day.
I don’t think I could stand looking at this every day.

At one point I even thought of adding another piece of furniture of some kind just to make my living room wall look less empty and cold but then I realized that new furniture would only make the room look smaller and it wasn’t what I wanted. I then came across a brilliant possibility that would make my living room more atmospheric without looking cold and minimalistic enough to keep the feeling of a larger room with walls that don’t make you feel cramped. So I started going through different models of antique fireplaces.

It may be a bit over the top? It could be but is it really? I don’t think so. Why not having a fireplace on my cold empty living room wall? Why should I go for a painting or whatever everyone chooses to animate their living spaces? So the decision was taken, right there, in my oasis of relaxation, my couch.

Simple and elegant, just like me.
Simple and elegant, just like me.

The following days I decided which type of fireplace would I want, should it be a marble fireplace? Or a stone fireplace? How about a wood or metal fireplace? Eventually I went for a baroque style fireplace that suited perfectly with the style of my living room. I am actually very happy that I didn’t settle for less and every time I now look at my old living room wall I now get a sense of warmth and it even makes the room feel bigger. You would be surprised what an impact a fireplace can make to your home and you’ll start wondering why does not everyone have a fireplace in their home.

So there I was laying on my couch a few months later after yet another infernal day at work, just standing there doing nothing but looking at my new fireplace. I had no idea a few months back that a fireplace could show up there and lighten up my spirit (duh!) after a hard day’s work but this is why our mind is so great, it can produce great ideas even after you squeezed everything you thought was possible for a whole day and still come up with thoughts like this one. I wonder what the future holds for the next time I will be sitting on my couch doing nothing.