How great memories can be made in just a day

In the United States that is, where I was when I took this trip last year.

So I was in the States for a summer job and as the weekend approached I decided to plan an outdoor trip. It was time for me to relax and enjoy some quality time after a few weeks of hard work at the office. Little did I know that finding a good way of spending my weekend was not actually that easy.

I started browsing the internet for ideas on what to do and there were quite a few websites that showed important attractions and places to visit but they were all too far from me. As I only had two days to enjoy the nature I couldn’t afford to travel somewhere too far simply because I didn’t have enough time.


So I still didn’t knew what I would be doing in my outdoor weekend and I started thinking, should I go fishing? Is fishing some hidden hobby that I didn’t know I have? The answer is no for sure. I am more the exploring type of person that likes to take long walks and enjoy great views than the sitting in one place for hours one.

With a little more search I stumbled across a website that allowed me to search for outdoor attractions that were close to my home. This is being done by entering the postal code of the area you want to search in and there you go, the search result will all be within your reach.

The only small inconvenient was that this website was more intended for families with small children and an important part of the search results displayed ideas of things to do with kids but that didn’t really mind me because there was so much more to be seen in addition to outdoor family attractions.

Anyway, I ended up deciding for a canyon visit and looking back it was the right decision. On Saturday morning I was ready to go and the sun was on my side. The sky was blue and there was no cloud in sight. What more could you want for a free day from the office?


After an hour’s drive I reached the canyon and just like a kid that listens to his parents I listened to what the signs were saying and followed the trail. You wouldn’t want to be lost in the wild because no one can hear you scream haha.

My destination. I was worth it!
My destination. It was worth it!

Everything was very colorful, from the blue sky to the red cliffs and green forest. When you get out of the office after a few weeks you start enjoying nature like you see it the first time. No more concrete buildings, air conditioning and traffic. Just you and the nature in front of you.

My physical energy was running out (my feet hurt like hell) but my spiritual energy was higher that it was for months. It is pretty amazing the effect nature can have on man, it really is like going back to your roots and that’s why I love it so much.

The next time you feel that work is killing you try going out in the nature the next time you get the change, you won’t regret it.

Wearing a helmet when Bicycling. Yes or No?

Before deciding if you should wear a helmet when bicycling or not please take note of the following: even if wearing a helmet a person can still be injured in an accident. There are countless cases and even famous ones (Michael Schumacher, world F1 champion) where regardless of sport, when accident struck and the person involved was wearing a helmet did not prevent that person from sustaining severe head injury or even death. But did the helmet prevent some of those accidents from becoming deadly? The answer is yes. Even though helmets didn’t prevent the wearer to sustain injuries it certainly prevented worse injuries or even death.

Numbers don't lie.
Numbers don’t lie.

When buying a helmet make sure that it comes with locking retention. They fell more secure and they fit with or without a head cover. The chin should be fitted by the chin strap and the side straps should go around the ears. The entire helmet should rest level above the eyebrows. If you shake your head and the helmet moves then it’s not good for you.


Replacing a helmet should be  done every six to eight years. The safety standards are constantly improving so if you still use your helmet from twenty years ago then you are seriously missing out. Also, if you crash a helmet should be changed even if the foam look perfect because the plastic may be cracked. The foam should not be spongy. If you see any kind of cracks, in or between the vents, if the plastic is discoloured or soft, or if the foam is crumby then the helmet needs to be replaced. Always make sure that your bicycle helmet fits your head correctly, if it does not then it needs replacing.