How great memories can be made in just a day

In the United States that is, where I was when I took this trip last year.

So I was in the States for a summer job and as the weekend approached I decided to plan an outdoor trip. It was time for me to relax and enjoy some quality time after a few weeks of hard work at the office. Little did I know that finding a good way of spending my weekend was not actually that easy. read more

Wearing a helmet when Bicycling. Yes or No?

Before deciding if you should wear a helmet when bicycling or not please take note of the following: even if wearing a helmet a person can still be injured in an accident. There are countless cases and even famous ones (Michael Schumacher, world F1 champion) where regardless of sport, when accident struck and the person involved was wearing a helmet did not prevent that person from sustaining severe head injury or even death. But did the helmet prevent some of those accidents from becoming deadly? The answer is yes. Even though helmets didn’t prevent the wearer to sustain injuries it certainly prevented worse injuries or even death. read more