Everything You Need to Know About Guard Dog Training

Guard dogs need appropriate training. There are certain breeds that have an innate instinct to guard their territory and protect their owners. On the other hand, some breeds are just too friendly and can never make for good guard dogs. For instance, a Siberian Husky is an incredibly friendly dog, and you can’t expect it to become as good of a guard dog as a Doberman or a German Shepherd. Trained guard dogs are able to detect intrusions and problems very quickly, and are able to react in an instant.

If you don’t have prior experience in training dogs to become good guards, you should hire a professional who has experience in working with protection dogs for family. There are a series of different things that the dog must be taught, and these behaviours need to be enforced from a very early age. Obedience is obviously the number one thing that needs to be taught to the dog.

Why Hire a Professional Dog Trainer?

Trained guard dogs have to undergo rigorous training and their mental and physical health is closely monitored. Their response time needs to be incredibly sharp, and the animals are designed to protect without a leash. Training guard dogs in the UK is a common service that’s offered by a number of companies. The number one reason why you should hire a professional is because they have experience in training different kinds of breeds.

Depending on the kind of breed you have, the training methods vary considerably. When you hire a professional, they are going to set a schedule for training and are going to use a series of proven training methods to train your dog. The dog will be taught to identify threats and neutralise them as quickly as possible. They are also put through serious physical training to ensure that they remain on guard at all times.

Why Keep a Guard Dog?

https://www.totalk9.co.uk/ is the website of a reputable company that offers training for guard dogs throughout the country. First of all, you never know when a threat might arise, and it’s one of the reasons why you need to have an animal that offers protection. Dogs have heightened senses and can detect intruders quickly, which allows them to intervene. There are hundreds of cases where dogs have stood guard and protected their owner’s properties alone against intruders against all odds.

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