Growing Step-Over Apple Trees: What You Need to Know

Step-over trees are smaller trees that are usually more horizontal than vertical and which normally don’t get over three-feet in height, and often shorter. You can actually train these trees to grow this way, and with gardens getting smaller these days, these types of trees are becoming more popular all the time. Just like standard apple trees, there are many types of apples on these trees, so if you buy apple trees, you might want to consider the step-over type. These are great trees for lining your garden or placing along a pathway, and if you decide to buy step-over apple trees, you’ll find that most nurseries have them.

Offering Many Advantages

Step-over apple trees offer many advantages, and one of them is that they brighten up your garden regardless of its size or the other trees planted there. Simply put, these trees are just plain adorable, and they can add colour and a unique design to any garden they’re added to. If you buy apple trees of this type, taking care of them will be similar to tending to other apple trees, and this includes regular pruning so that the trees don’t get too large. You can buy stepover apples at any time, but you must keep in mind that they will not stay small or compact without pruning on a regular basis, especially in the summertime when they tend to grow extra fast.

Trees That Need Extra Care

Taking care of step-over apple trees isn’t difficult, but it does need to be done on a regular basis. The more you prune them, the better you’ll be at it, which means that keeping them compact and looking good is a breeze once you know what you’re doing. Nurseries that allow you to buy apple trees of all types often have the step-over type in their inventory, and you can order these trees online as well. Learning to prune them correctly isn’t complex, and if you need any assistance, all you have to do is ask the experts at the store where you bought them. have pros on staff who can help, so if you buy step-over apple trees from them, you’ll get all of the advice and assistance you need to buy the right trees and to take excellent care of them from now on.

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