Find the wedding venues and halls you were looking for

Find the Asian wedding venue and halls you were looking for with no effort by searching the venue of your dreams on the Asian Venue Guide website or the booklet handed out at popular Asian wedding shows. If you don’t have the time to visit wedding shows then feel free to access the easy to use Asian Venue Guide website any time of the day, as you will find there everything that the booklet has to offer.
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Summer’s still here

With summer still on our side and the sun embracing every atom of my skin I’ve set up a goal of looking as hot as I can, to be on the same page with this beautiful month of August. The measures I am considering for this are buying some colorful flowing dresses, a pair of Mexican style pair of sandals that are high on trend this summer and not to forget, every girl’s daily accessory – her skin. read more

How great memories can be made in just a day

In the United States that is, where I was when I took this trip last year.

So I was in the States for a summer job and as the weekend approached I decided to plan an outdoor trip. It was time for me to relax and enjoy some quality time after a few weeks of hard work at the office. Little did I know that finding a good way of spending my weekend was not actually that easy. read more

A day at the spa for my birthday

Is it original? Is it worth it? Well, it depends on the spa you are going but let me break it down for you how my experience was, as my birthday was two weeks ago.

So it was my birthday two weeks ago and my fiancée proposed we both take the day off from work because he had a birthday present for me. I already knew that something was cooking up but I didn’t want to ask to many questions and ruin the surprise. read more

Three social games that will light up the party

  1. Ever head of “Bend A Friend”? This is one of the funniest party games to be invented! How it’s played? Simply place an empty cereal bows with the flaps removed in the center of a room and remove anything that could be breakable to avoid seven years of bad luck or an injury if someone topples over. Now, each party guest needs to come over to the box in order, bend over and pick the cereal box up only using his or her teeth. Yes you read that right. It is permitted for one feet to touch the floor and only teeth are allowed to touch the box with no other body part being used as support. You can bend over in any you want. Next round cut a small part off the top of the cereal box and begin again! With every round cut some more of the cereal box. A player is out when he falls over or cannot reach the cereal box. Last player standing gets the standing ovation!

2. “I Like Cherries” is a funny game where you get to ask your guests if they like cherries. Once you get enough people gathered around place a fresh cherry in a bowl on the stem right in front of them. Then you start explaining them that this will be a race to eating the cherry, the one who eats it first wins! There is only one small rule, they are not allowed to use their hands. Everyone will say this is the easiest game around, right? Then you start filling each bowl with whipped cream. Who’s laughing now? Well, everybody because the fun just started. The first person to find and eat the cherry in their respective bowl wins. So, ladies and gentleman, prepare your smartphone cameras and begin! You can use any other small fruit such as a strawberry instead of the cherry if you don’t have any around. read more

Wearing a helmet when Bicycling. Yes or No?

Before deciding if you should wear a helmet when bicycling or not please take note of the following: even if wearing a helmet a person can still be injured in an accident. There are countless cases and even famous ones (Michael Schumacher, world F1 champion) where regardless of sport, when accident struck and the person involved was wearing a helmet did not prevent that person from sustaining severe head injury or even death. But did the helmet prevent some of those accidents from becoming deadly? The answer is yes. Even though helmets didn’t prevent the wearer to sustain injuries it certainly prevented worse injuries or even death. read more

One item can transform your living room – The Antique Fireplace

This idea came to me after a day at work that wasn’t great because my boss decided it’s time to re-do the reports (again!) so I was really looking forward to arrive home and crash on the couch and forget about all my responsibilities. You know, it was one of those days where you just wanted to lay down and think about absolutely nothing. Just pause and allow your spirit and body to recharge with energy. read more