Skin rejuvenation, autumn preparation


Now that we can say summer is over… for good this year, it comes down to taking care of our skin post sunny days, warm water and gold beaches. The time has come for a skin rejuvenation treatment that can deal with the sun damaged skin, wrinkles and freckles.


After enjoying the sun for a while, all skin types need to be prepared for the cold season which means pampering yourself with some specialized treatments that refresh your skin and make it resilient to the wind, rain and snow that are to come or have already made their appearance. As I love how my natural look is boosted after a visit to a beauty clinic I feel like I owe it to share this feeling with all who care to read about it. As summer left some marks on my face I am on my way to a skin rejuvenation session which will increase my cell energy, activate the collagen and improve the discharge of CO2.



So … here I am on my way to a facial treatment that will transform my face skin and revive its natural beauty while I will be enjoying being taken care.  As it’s an accessible go to place and the specialists there are always willing to provide me with the optimum solutions for my skin problems, once the laptop is off I will be at Medspa Beauty Clinic getting ready for the cold season. This treatment is not just for us ladies, our boyfriends or husbands can benefit from it too.



Oh, and one more thing before I go… letting go of the high coffee level and choosing to drink more green tea is also a good thing for that beautiful face of yours.


Cin-cin! Let autumn begin.