Summer’s still here

With summer still on our side and the sun embracing every atom of my skin I’ve set up a goal of looking as hot as I can, to be on the same page with this beautiful month of August. The measures I am considering for this are buying some colorful flowing dresses, a pair of Mexican style pair of sandals that are high on trend this summer and not to forget, every girl’s daily accessory – her skin.




In order to mix and match my future outfits I am definitely considering Laser Hair Removal that will make my skin soft and easy to combine with every dress, skirt or shorts that I am planning to wear on the warm sunny days remaining. So, I started digging for information and I found just the place to perfect my plan, Medspa Beauty Clinic in London. Among the many services they provide, Laser Hair Removal caught my eye and I am totally making an appointment with them. And guess what? They also have discounts this time of the year for Face and Neck Laser Hair Removal, Upper and Lower Body Laser Hair Removal and 50% off for treatments of 6 or 8 weeks for Laser Hair Removal, so I feel like the stars have aligned and I am ready to be preppy and look good.



Just thinking, while I will be at Medspa Clinic I might as well indulge myself with an aromatherapy massage, we all deserve that, don’t we ladies? A moment of relaxation just for ourselves to make us shine both on the outside and on the inside is what we all need.


Well, that would be me, how are you thinking of taking advantage of the remaining summer days? Hope you are taking the time and be your center of attention for at least one day.

Beautiful beach and waves of Caribbean Sea