Winter care tips for hair and skin


Winter is beautiful but it is also harsh to our skin and hair and while some of us are more sensitive than others, we should all make sure we take very good care of our dermis and hair.

Below are a few tricks on how to better protect from the wind, rain and snow.


For hair:

  • Use conditioner, this will help moisturize your hair. Schwarzkopf professionals recommend using hair care oils. Adding a few drops in shampoo to keep your hair healthy and shinny
  • Use the blow dryer, curling iron and flat iron less. The heat damages your hair making it dry out even more during winter
  • Wash your hare fewer times, two or three times a week,  and dry it before you go out as the moisture in the air combined with cold wind will damage your hair even more
  • Wear a hat. It will keep you hair safe from the cold whiff
  • Trim it more often, to minimize the chance of dry splitting ends
  • Avoid washing your hair with hot water, rinse in warm or even colder water for a healthy and shiny aspect, this works all year long, not only during winter


For skin:

  • As with the hair, avoid taking showers in hot water. Keeping it cool will aid your skin keep moisture and with a better aspect
  • Put on some extra clothes, these will offer both warmth and protection to your skin and it will keep it from drying out too hard in extreme temperatures and harsh wind
  • Don’t forget about your lips, they need to stay soft and natural during winter too, use hydrating balms that will improve their aspect and protect them
  • Moisturize your skin. Take care of your face, hands and body with creams that keep every inch of your skin hydrated.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C. This can help boost the body’s production of collagen, a protein that helps maintain the natural beauty of your skin
  • Last but not least, go see a specialist. An esthetician or dermatologist can analyze your skin, identify the skin’s type and recommend the best care products for you to have the best natural look and a healthy dermis


A great place to get a skin treatment specialist’s advice in London is Medspa. They have professional beauty advisers and medical staff who can offer amazing solutions for maintaining your natural beauty. They will help you better take care of your skin so that you love it all year long.


Your hair and skin are pretty much exposed during winter and they need special attention and special care. The above tips can come in very useful for a natural look and moisturized locks and dermis.


In addition an esthetician will provide you with customized solutions for a better nurture and improved aspect and health of your hair and skin.

Love yourself, love winter and take good care of yourself during winter as beauty and health always come hand in hand.